"In any given moment we have two options: To step forward into growth or to step back into safety." --Abraham Maslow

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Published: Feb 11, 2019
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Lorraine gives career coaching, job seeking, job survival and “bigger picture” life advice. She is supportive and knowledgeable in helping you determine your next career move and realize your potential.

Andrea, Career UpRising Listener

Who Do I Work with?

I teach mid and late career professionals how to master the job search by helping them understand how to write a great résumé, leverage LinkedIn and interview competitively. This results in clients landing a new position faster and spending less time job searching.

Most WorkSmart clients receive a new position in 90 days or less!
An ideal match for WorkSmart is someone....

In the mid to late career stage looking to be more competitive in the job market
Who has worked for one employer for a long time and doesn't feel confident in today's job market
Looking to make a career change or exploring new career paths
Ready to make a financial investment in themselves and their career

Lorraine and her team can help clients solve these problems...

Lack of interviews and interest from employers
Uncertainty in how to market/brand yourself to employers
Lack of confidence in interviewing and salary negotiation
Concern regarding age bias in the hiring process
Lack of time or ability to write a resume

Résumé Writing


Work with one of my talented team members to showcase your value with a targeted resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. Take the burden of writing off of your plate and let the job search prep be done for you!

Job Search Strategy

Do you need guidance with the job search process? Or looking to improve your interviewing skills? This program will teach you my three-step job search strategy, provide an in-depth review of your resume and supply you with valuable bonus materials to supplement the coaching.

Career Transitions


Are you changing fields, or exploring new paths? Receive in-depth career coaching that is laser-focused and tailored to your personal situation. Gain clarity on your career path, identify your top strengths, perform better in interviews and increase your salary. Includes complimentary career assessments.

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